Musings on Facebook and reconnecting with old ‘friends’

I joined Facebook years after it arrived so I didn’t take part in the whole ‘connecting with everyone you’ve known since you were five” phase. When I signed up, it was purely to keep up to date with close family and friends. Maybe catch up with a few old colleagues and school friends who I’d lost contact with. I have succeeded in keeping my circle small and to only include those I actually like. Some people have over 600 friends. I have under 100 and am perfectly content to keep it that way. I enjoy seeing what my bestie is up to overseas. I love staying up to date with genuine family and friends. My privacy settings are high so there is no trawling through my private photos just because someone is feeling nosey.

So I was rather surprised at a friend request received this weekend. An old colleague who I had been close friends with had sent a friend request. We haven’t worked together in over four years but attempted to maintain contact after she resigned in 2010. After she repeatedly forgot my birthday and only contacted me to moan about her husband’s ex-wife and the three step children, I realised that she wasn’t a true friend. At one stage the only e-mails I received from her were ones trying to sell me cosmetics. When I didn’t buy any, those stopped. I haven’t heard from her in over a year. The last text message was an odd one saying how she was thinking of me. When I replied I heard nothing more. The last e-mail was one trying to find out when I would be on leave so she could come visit. I suggested going for a coffee at a newly renovated mall and she made all sorts of excuses – too busy, to crowded but she was available to come sit for an afternoon in my home while I had to play host? I declined the ‘offer’.

When I got a new cell number I didn’t bother letting her know. The faux friendship had run its course and I was not phased. Things come to an end for a reason.

So why the friend request after all this time? Why would I let this individual into my circle?

It goes without saying that I didn’t. I clicked delete. Because life is too short for fake.


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