Friday at last!

Oh my goodness – what a busy week!

Have been starting work at 06h30, working through lunch leaving and at 16h00.  And even then my mind is swimming with work related tasks.

I’ve been a P.A for nearly eight years at this company.  Was always very happy – we get our busy times, for instance quarter end is always a hectic time and the hours fly by.  But most of the time I plod along quite contentedly and even though sometimes I had space in my day, I’d fill it with random tasks.  There was a nagging voice every so often reminding me that I wasn’t using my full potential.  Eight years go by so quickly.  I was actually only supposed to be here for six months.  But when the six months came to an end I got a permanent job offer instead of a goodbye.  I jumped at the chance – had learnt so much in the six months and gotten to know everyone.  I adored my department and was thrilled the felt the same way 🙂

Recently I got asked to help out with something new.  I admit I was all deer-in-the-headlights at first – but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and nearly 2 months later I’m still helping out.  The days fly by in a blur, I’ve got so much on the go at the moment but I’m enjoying the challenge. 

There are days I feel as if I’ve been pushed into the deep end sans water wings and for a moment I think I’ve taken on too much.  But the uncertainty vanishes after a calming cup of tea, and I soldier on.

I’m rather exhausted this week because it seems insomnia has become a regular night time visitor.  Not even chamomile tea is working at the moment 😦 

But I refuse to be negative on a Friday and so I’m counting my blessings.  Have an amazing weekend to look forward to.  We are staying over in Hermanus tomorrow night and hubby booked me a massage at the hotel.  I am so excited!  The spa appointment is booked for just after our check in time.  Afterwards I’m going back to our room and hope to sneak in a nap before we go out to dinner.  It is going to be a hubby and I weekend – quality time relaxing 🙂

I am not even going to think about the busy week ahead or equally busy weekend that follows next week.  Working on just living in the present 🙂

Have an awesome weekend everyone!























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