Sunday evening musings

It is Sunday evening.  It is raining outside and I have a slight case of the “back-to-work” tomorrow blues.  I enjoy parts of my job, don’t get me wrong.  It isn’t what I dreamed about doing when I was at school but if you had to ask 1 million people if they love what they do….would you get a resounding yes?  I’m guessing not.  It is a 4 day week here in South Africa as we are having elections on Wednesday.

This weekend has just flown by.  Friday night we got pizza’s and just chilled at home.  It had been such a busy week, we felt we needed a quiet night in and it was great.

My friend’s wedding blessing yesterday was beautiful.  Pleased I could share in her special day and be a part of this wedding as her other wedding was overseas so I wasn’t able to make that one!  It is amazing how 3 years can go by and yet within seconds of seeing a close friend, it is like they were never away. 

Today was a relaxing day, had breakfast out and sat in the restaurant feeling cosy as it rained outside.  Went for a drive afterwards and then popped onto the shops for supper and supplies for the week.  Spent the rest of the day taking it easy.  I adore weekends which have the best of both worlds.  Fun with family and friends but also quiet moments for just hubby and I to enjoy each others company.

This week I am going to concentrate on living in the moment more and not worrying over rubbish.  I have this ability to worry about such nonsense and it just takes away the joy of being in the moment and enjoying something.  Not being a worry-wart is a real battle of mine.  Wish there was an easy cure – the thing is, the more you worry…..the more you find to worry about.  It is a vicious cycle 😦

Well let me give it my best.



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