No, not the sitcom but the people you choose to hang out with.  Some people say that friends are the family you choose for yourself.  I always thought that if you didn’t have your circle of friends by a certain age then well unlucky – that was that.  But I was actually very wrong. 

My best friend in the whole world is a fabulous girl who I’ve been friends with for over 26 years.  We met when we were five.  Back in the 1980’s when I thought pigtails were cool and my mother still dressed me.  I call her my best friend because no other friend has known me for as long.  I know to her I’m one of her best and oldest friends thanks to a Facebook update but I’m okay with that.  I never kept in contact with my school friends – a decison I don’t regret in the slightest.  I have a couple of work friends and ex colleagues that I still see for the ocassional dinner and catch up.  There is another friend I met a couple of years ago who I have loads in common with but we don’t see each other as often as close friends should.  Our first lunch on our own was an afternoon spent shrieking “Me too!”  We are like two peas in a pod.

When my bestie moved overseas I was understandably sad.  As we had grown up we didn’t see each other as often as when we were in school.  I got married and she moved overseas and whilst e-mail and Facebook mean we know what is happening in each others lives most of the time…..well it just isn’t the same and having her live a few minutes away.  And I regret not making more time to see her more often.  Regret is really a crappy feeling.

So until last year, I didn’t have the biggest circle of friends.  And that was okay.  I had a group of very different people and I loved spending time with them all in different situations.  Work friends mix well with ex colleagues.  Close friends go awesomely with family.  And then last year I went to a birthday party of a cousin.  Hubby had golf and I was going on my own but I knew I’d know a couple of people and at least my cuzzie’s would be there.  I ended up standing next to a friend of my cuzzie’s and said something random – I liked her handbag and I mentioned this.  We chatted politely and as the afternoon wore on we had a few laughs and she sent me a friend request on FB that evening.  My cuzzie invited me to another girly evening where the ladies from her birthday party were all attending and I had a great time.  And that was how, at the age of 30 I joined this amazing group of friends.  These girls just welcomed me into their circle and the next time there was a girl’s night out or a birthday party I got asked along.  Hubby gets on well with everyone and I am so glad because it is always good when your partner likes your friends.  We do group suppers where we are a table of 10 and make the most noise in the restaurant and someone always has a funny story to tell.  There is just always something on the go – at the moment a girly high tea is being planned, then there are 3 birthday parties coming up.  Sometimes we see the group twice in a weekend.  And I love it.  I don’t feel like the new girl anymore.  I have organised a girly afternoon a little while ago and it was great.  Two of us arranged our last supper out this past Sunday night and I cannot wait to do it again.

The point I’m making is that you are never too old to make new friends.  You just have to be open to it. 

Tomorrow is my bestie’s wedding blessing.  She flew down a couple of days ago and I cannot wait to see her.  It has been over 3 years since we’ve seen each other and I cannot wait to share in her special day.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are close by.  Some are far away.  But each one is different and will always be special.


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