Few things beat….

A good cup of tea. I am a total tea addict and have no shame. I am the person who craves tea like it is oxygen. Seriously, a day without tea? I don’t understand the concept. I drink tea all day at work, I order it at restaurants and I’ve even been seen clutching a mug at braais with friends. During a power failure, I am the woman at the office shrieking that the kettle hasn’t boiled recently. Yes there is loads of work that has come to a standstill and we have to go to the loo in the dark but the real crisis in my humble opinion is the lack of tea for the next who-knows-how-long.

I got married over 7 years ago to the boy next door. Yes really, we were neighbours. I’m a Personal Assistant by day and a wannabe writer in my spare time. Shoes and nail polish are my weaknesses. I adore owls and stationery shops. I’m a bookworm of note. I have an obsession with highlighters and secretly think you can never have too many. Which is a bit like my concept of a good cup of tea. Off now to make another cup…..


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